Mental Health Services

ECMHCI offers mental health services to our communities. These services are provided on our sliding fee plan. Pharmacy assistance is available through our 340B program. Gaydon Nowell and Mary Rose Thomas, Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, treat all mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and many more.  Mental Health Counseling is available with Licensed Professional Counselor Kathy Gray.

What are some warning signs of mental illness?  Each illness has its own symptoms, but common signs of mental illness in adults and adolescents can include the following:    

  • Excessive worrying or fear
  • Feeling excessively sad or low
  • Confused thinking or problems concentrating and learning
  • Extreme mood changes, including uncontrollable “highs” or feelings of euphoria
  • Prolonged or strong feelings of irritability or anger
  • Avoiding friends and social activities
  • Difficulties understanding or relating to other people
  • Changes in sleeping habits or feeling tired and low energy
  • Changes in eating habits such as increased hunger or lack of appetite
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Difficulty perceiving reality (delusions or hallucinations, in which a person experiences and senses things that don't exist in objective reality)
  • Inability to perceive changes in one’s own feelings, behavior or personality (”lack of insight” or anosognosia)
  • Abuse of substances like alcohol or drugs
  • Multiple physical ailments without obvious causes (such as headaches, stomach aches, vague and ongoing “aches and pains”)
  • Thinking about suicide
  • Inability to carry out daily activities or handle daily problems and stress
  • An intense fear of weight gain or concern with appearance

Knowing warning signs can help you know if you need to speak to a professional. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step in successful treatment.